Destination: South West WA

When you travel the South West you will find how remarkable this region is. The South West, is clearly, defined by its unique climate which has created an amazing botanical diversity which has allowed dramatic landscape of ancient rocks and sediments, slow-growing giants and an extraordinary range of flowering species, a sight to behold in spring With rolling vineyards of Margaret River with its epicurean delights of wine, cheese and marron. The majesty of the coastal parks set against a backdrop of breathtaking coastal and forest scenery, your next adventure is never far away. In a single day, you can relax with a glass of the region’s world-famous wine, matched with the local produce, and then experience some of the regions natural treasures that make the South West a visitor hotspots. Watch humpback whales on their annual migration. Find hidden gems in ancient caves. Climb the Granite Skywalk near Albany. Take a postcard-perfect snap of Greens Pool while in Denmark. Stroll through forests of timber giants. Discover the seasonal wildflower displays.

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