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Sorrento Getaway Holiday House Sorrento Getaway Holiday House – Great property with plenty to do. Brilliant location and great owners.

David A (December 21)

Ultimate HolidayHome@West Beach Absolutely amazing! Pool is stunning, cute extra touches around the place, very spacious and has everything you need. 🙂

Blayze (February 2021)

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An Australia Travel Site to Visit Australia. making it as easy as possible for the tourist to travel Australia or As we prefer to say TO DO OZ.  

Experience all Australia has to offer as a tourist destination. Find great places to visit in Australia.

Travel to Australia  – This Australia Travel Site is a Tourist Guide to Inspire travel. We want to inspire you to Travel Australia. We want you TO DO OZ. 

A Guide full of fantastic articles on things to do, destinations to visit Australia 

Discover more about where to go by visiting each state’s official Tourism Guide.

 here we outline the uniqueness of each state and recommend must visit attractions, destinations and things to do as you Travel Australia.

Places to Visit In Australia

State’s and Territories of Australia are: 

Victoria, TasmaniaNorthern TerritoryWestern Australia, Australia Capital Territory, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland.


Victoria Tourist Guide

a Must-See destination in Victoria Australia Visit Victoria Victoria Tourist Guide As a Tourist Guide featuring attractions to inspire travel Victoria. Victoria encompasses the lower section of mainland Australia south-east. In size Victoria is Australia’s second-smallest state in area. However, the best

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Western Australia Tourist Guide

Discover Must See destination in western Australia, Australia Visit Western Australia Western Australia Tourist Guide with features and attractions to inspire travel of Western Australia. The first thing you will discover when you visit is how different to other states

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South Australia Tourist Guide

The Must See destination of South Australia Travel South Australia Visitor Guide to South Australia. Our South Australia Tourist Guide featuring attractions to inspire travel of South Australia where you will discover when you visit,  artistic landscapes, enjoy local festivals,

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Queensland Tourist Guide

a Must See destination in Queensland Australia Travel Queensland As a Tourist Guide featuring attractions to inspire travel of Queensland you will discover when you visit Queensland  that makes it different to the other eastern states is its tropical climate

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New South Wales Tourist Guide

a Must See destination in New South Wales Australia Visit New South Wales New South Wales Tourist Guide As a Tourist Guide featuring attractions to inspire travel New South Wales. New South Wales covers 800,628 square kilometres of mainland Australia and

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Northern Territory Tourist Guide

a Must See destination in Northern Territory Australia Travel the Northern Territory Northern Territory is well known for its numerous national parks. The Northern Territory  has abundance of wildlife and biodiversity, alongside some amazing landscape views. For a Tourist Guide

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Tasmania Tourist Guide

a Must See destination in Tasmania Australia Visit Tasmania Tasmania Tourist Guide A tourist guide for Tasmania with visitor information on attractions, what to do and where to stay in Tasmania. With the intention it will inspire you to discover Tasmania. When you travel Tasmania you will

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