Destination: Country/Outback NSW

Seemingly Never-ending Drive, Mining History, Historic Towns and Stunning National Parks
As a tourist destination, Outback New South Wales with it breathtaking panoramas, historic colonial towns, rich indigenous culture and World-Heritage national parks, is spellbinding
A contrast of the locations that make up the New South Wales Outback is what makes it appealing and unique. Sculptured by the harshness of its climate, Outback New South Wales arid landscape, heritage sites, lakes and rivers and cliffs providing a most interesting drive
A unique way to view the surrounds of outback New South Wales would in a four wheel drive vehicle. Another way would to hire a motorhome for the distance you have to travel and comfort of your trip .
The vast and rugged west of the state is often referred to as the accessible outback with its Iconic towns, sunburnt plains, stunning landscapes and bright blue skies by day and starry enclave by night make for an unforgettable journey and memorable destination. With views and just minutes from town. Take a sealed road up to Fort Bourke Lookout and view Cobar and its surroundings. See the open pit and entrance to the underground mine from a well-constructed viewing platform, The Milparinka Heritage Precinct is a complete surprise. A visit to Corner Country is not complete until this Precinct has been explored. It’s a beautiful place in the midst of a desert landscape. Step back in time at the Silverton Gaol and Historical Museum. Virtually every aspect of life in Silverton’s heyday is represented, with literally thousands of items on display.
Places of interest include exploring the Mungo National Park, in Southern Outback New South Wales, home to the worlds oldest ritual human cremation site, an amazing archaeological site and The Walls of China rock formation is also awe-inspiring and named by the Chinese workers at the Mungo Wool Shed in 1859 who from the wool shed thought the mounds resemble their homeland and the great wall along the horizon. Or, Broken Hill a friendly city of palatial federation heritage, fine restaurants and cafes, and amazing art galleries And in Northern Outback New South Wales historic Lightning Ridge is where you will discover rare and luminous gems, fabulous underground art caves and natural heated springs. Further south, the White Cliffs area is another legendary opal mining region with underground dwellings and fascinating heritage attractions
There are many natural attractions that reminds the tourist the land is old, like the quartzite rock and Mutawintji National Park is 130km northeast of Broken Hill and the once major 19 century river port and trading post of Bourke, where the paddle vessel Jandra cruises the Darling River.

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