Destination: Australian Capital Territory

Australia Capital Territory (ACT) is the national capital situated between Sydney and Melbourne. And working under the control of the federal government. ACT is mostly about Greater Canberra, along with some of the high mountain ranges that are the prime source of water-supply for the country.

National Gallery of Australia displays a collection of extraordinary works from many International artists. Some of the famous works on display include Monet’s Waterlilies, Sidney Nolen’s Ned Kelly Paintings, Salvador Dali’s Lobster Telephone, Andy Warhol Elvis print, and triptych from Francis Bacon. Built under the parliamentary boundary, the gallery highlights the extraordinary work, Aboriginal Memorial and Torres Strait Islander art from Central Arnhem Land, established for Australia’s 1988 bicentenary.

If you have an eye for innovation, visit the National Portrait Gallery. The gallery weaves a unique story through the different wax structures, colonial portraits of the Nation’s founding family and Howard Arkley’sDayGlo portrait of musician Nick Cave.

When in Australia, don’t miss the ancient symbolic architecture of the Australian Parliament House. Build on the Australian soil in 1988, this architecture has many unique features both in its exterior and interior design. Passing through a high-security check zone, the guests are allowed to explore the building freely. You can even watch the parliamentary proceedings sitting in the public galleries.

Other than the Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial in Canberra is a museum dedicated to the Nation’s military history. The entrance opens to a large courtyard that has the eternal burning flame in remembrance for the martyr. There are rooms dedicated to WWI and WWII and monumental statues and tombs in the memory of the soldiers who have dedicated their lives to the war. There is a sound and light show every fifteen minutes that restage the scenarios from WWII night operation in Berlin. A booked guided tour can take you through the spin- chilling moments of the war.

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