Dinosaur Trackways Broome is where you will find the dinosaur footprints. They are recognised as the most significant in the world

With track ways stretching for about 80km along Broome’s sandstone coast line from south of Broome up along the Dampier Peninsula

The Dinosaur Trackway Broome footprints were laid down during the early cretaceous period; some 120 million years ago

The many large round impressions that occur in the Broome sandstone as sauropod tracks – the mighty Brachiosaurus, the tallest of the herbivorous sauropod family. With some prints up to 1.7m in diameter the animals would have been up to 35m in total length. It’s hard to conceive a beast weighing up to 20 fully grown elephants once roaming our coastline.

A great way to see the Dinosaur footprints is to book a tour through a tour operator, and enjoy the comfort of not driving

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