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Historic Sites New South Wales

There is a rich array of cities, towns and other historic sites across Australia. All reflecting events and population movements in the two centuries following European settlement and offers fascinating insights in the country’s history. Some historic sites can be found in National Parks which are protected by national park authorities. However, most are a within the nation’s cities or towns. Many of buildings are now in public ownership and are being used for various things like a museums. Others have been acquired by the National Trust to preserve the past and display to the public. And to conclude, the things to see in New South Wales, like the historic site’s that can be found will please most tourists. Enjoy the things to see in New South Wales when you visit. 

Armidale, New South Wales.

A conservation precinct protects a cluster of grand nineteenth-century civic buildings. These included the court house and town hall, in the centre of this elegant university city.

Parramatta, New South Wales

A rich heritage of early colonial buildings includes Old Government House (1799) the nations oldest public building.

Bathurst, New South Wales.

Funded by Gold Rush. Bathurst’s stately buildings grace the broad streets of what is considered to be Australia’s oldest inland settlement, established in 1815.

Aboriginal New South Wales

Aboriginal settlement of Australia has been traced back mare than 500,000 years. The nations first people have left us a rich and diverse legacy.  Mainly taken the form of rock and cave paintings, carvings and engraving as well as a collection of artefacts. Interest in this cultural heritage has never been stronger. But their fragile nature dictates that the sites be carefully managed and presented so they can be preserved for the appreciation and education of future generations. Respect the custodianship of the descendants. And remember that all Aboriginal sites and artefacts are protected by law. Do not pick up or remove any objects you may come across on your visit – any damage or removal is a serious offence.

Mutawintji Historic Site, New South Wales.

Located in the Mutawintji National Park. The site protects the rich heritage of engravings, paintings and stencils made by countless generations of Mutawintji People.

Mt Grenfell Historic Site, Cobar, New South Wales

Fantastic examples of ancient Aboriginal paintings occupy three main sites among rocky outcrops. (Accessible only during the dry weather).

Mungo National Park, New South Wales.

Evidence of Aboriginal occupation goes back more than 40,000 years have been uncovered in this World Heritage Area. (Accessible only during the dry weather).

Wildlife Watching New South Wales

Isolated for millions of years from other landmasses, the Flora and Fauna of Australia evolved into distinctive and often unique forms. Australia has giant saltwater crocodiles, forest-dwelling crustaceans, possums that fly, platypuses, echidnas, stinging trees and cycads. In short some of the most diverse and fascinating animals and plants on earth. Australia’s east coast rainforests are diverse in their formation. With the tropical northern rainforest with its strangler figs, giant tree ferns, vines and epiphytes. Then there is the sub tropical rainforest  with its palms and laurels. And also there is the southern temperate rainforest, mossy with mist-shrouded beech tree. All having their own diverse  creatures abounding them. These range from colourful parrots, rare insects, butterflies and tree dwelling kangaroos. 

Then there is central Australia. Far from being just barren wastelands, this arid land also process drought adapted plants. From mallee and mulga trees to the spectacular wildflower display after the heavy rains. Then their are the creatures who inhabit this land. you can find massive colonies of termites that build towering chambers, frogs that stay underground for long periods of time and of course emus and kangaroos. Along the coast you can catch migrating humpback and southern right whales and well as green turtles hatching or little fairy penguins returning nightly to there nest. A must do for all is to explore the unrivalled coral reefs and the colourful inhabitants of these reefs.

Sturt National Park, New South Wales. 

Rolling red sand dunes and broad mesas are populated by hordes of Kangaroos and hardy desert dwellers, Such as wedge-tail eagles, sand goannas and emus.

Dorrigo National Park, New South Wales

A boardwalk through the forest canopy showcases the dazzling birdlife of this World Heritage listed park.

Murramarang National Park, New South Wales.

Kangaroos abound on the sandy beaches here, while parrots and honeyeaters dwell in the eucalypt woodland and rainforest.

Eden, New South Wales.

Watch magnificent humpback whales on their annual migration. From the headlands flanking this tranquil town or on one of the many whale watching cruises on offer locally.


So why don’t you plan your visit to regions of New South Wales. And enjoy the things to see in New South Wales


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