Scenic Wonders Victoria, Australia

The scenic wonders Victoria Australia may not have the world’s highest mountain, longest river, deepest canyon.

 It doesn’t even, despite 70 per cent of its landmass being arid, have the longest desert in the world. Yet this ancient continent, which has some of the oldest land surfaces on earth, abounds with scenic wonders. 

Scenic Wonders Victoria Australia that are both breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring in their magnificence. These include imposing canyons, immerse rock outcrops, spectacular waterfalls, subterranean caverns, and some of the worlds most well known surf beaches like Bells Beach where the Rip Curl Pro is held every Easter. 

And to conclude the scenic wonders that can be found in Victoria will please most Eco tourists. Enjoy the scenic wonders Victoria when you visit.

So why don’t you plan your visit to the Victoria.

Visit Victoria Attractions

Mount Arapiles, Wimmera Plains, Victoria.

Mount Arapiles. Rising precipitously from the plains of the Wimmera, this massive and dramatic sandstone outcrop entices walkers and intrepid rock climbers.



Buchan Caves, Buchan, Victoria.

Buchan Caves. A specular formation of limestone caves carved by an underground river almost 400 million year ago. The Caves are in Gippsland Victoria and the Royal Cave and the Fairy Cave both have magnificent stalactite and stalagmite forms.



Mount Buffalo, Victorian Alps, Victoria.

Mount Buffalo. Located in the Victorian Alps Region and set in Mount Buffalo National Park (31,000 hectare) This vast mass of densely forested granite, 11 km long and 7 km wide, is topped by boulder-strewn plateau. The view from The Horn, the highest point in Mount Buffalo National Park at 1,723m. Watch Australian Kestrels dive on Bogong Moths at sunset. Mount Buffalo, an all-adventure playground boasting range of mountainside fun, from fly fishing, cycling and hiking to hang gliding, abseiling and rock climbing in the warmer months and adventurers out on the slopes, which are a hive of activity during the winter months.


12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria.

12 Apostles. One of the most well-known highlights of the Great Ocean Road. The Twelve Apostles (eight still remain) rise spectacularly for the sea at Port Campbell National Park. The massive limestone structures that have been formed by sea erosion, tower 45 metres above the tempestuous Southern Ocean, They leave the visitor who enjoys natural wonders awe-struck at their size and beauty



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