Awe-inspiring Australia

Australia may not have the world’s highest mountain, longest river, deepest canyon. It doesn’t even, despite 70 per cent of its landmass being arid, have the longest desert in the world. Yet this ancient continent, which has some of the oldest land surfaces on earth, abounds with scenic wonders. Scenic Wonders that are both breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring in their magnificence. These include imposing canyons, immerse rock outcrops, spectacular waterfalls, subterranean caverns, and some of the worlds most exquisite beaches. And to conclude the scenic wonders that can be found in New South Wales will please most Eco tourists. Enjoy the scenic wonders New South Wales when you visit.

Scenic Wonders New South Sales

Cape Byron, New South Wales.

Cape Byron. This steep, rugged promontory with its expansive views and the 1901 lighthouse is the most easterly point on Australia’s mainland.

The Breadknife, Warrumbungle National Park, New South Wales

Found in the Warrumbungle National Park. This once molten, water thin sphere of trachyte rock juts 90 metres out of the bush clad ranges. Exhilarating walking tracks skirt its base.

Jenolan Caves, New South Wales.

A subterranean honeycomb of more than 300 limestone caves filled weird and wonderful rock formations.


So why don’t you plan your visit to the New South Wales.


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