Road & Safety Information for travellers to Australia. A few points about road and safety to help you have a safe trip.

Travel Information

If you hold a valid international driver’s license, you can explore the beautiful landscapes of Australia in your own or rented car. Road conditions in Australia vary with places. While some roads have sealed road surface, others might be rough and unsealed. Moreover, the road conditions vary with weather changes, so always take special care to plan your trip carefully. While traveling on roads, it is always recommended to obey the basic road safety rules to make your journey safe and peaceful.

Renting a Hire Car.

Renting a car in Australia is the most cost-effective way to drive through the different places. Many popular international car rental companies in Australia like Avis, Hertz, and Budget can help you. They have the best-maintained rental cars at the most reasonable rate for as many days as you want. But before you rent a car, make sure you have a valid driver’s license, a credit card for security and passport for your identity proof.

Driving Safety and Rules

Vehicles in Australia are right-handed, and they travel on the left side of the road. So, when you are turning your car at an intersection, always use the indicator lights to keep the pedestrians aware of the movement. It is also safe to drive within the recommended speed limit, as breaking the rule can cost you hefty fine or subsequent punishment.

Your long distance trips can become quite hectic. So, rest areas are situated at a distance of 80-100 kilometers on main roadways for people to rest and refill their car. It is also mandatory for all drivers and passengers to wear a seatbelt while the car is running. Children under the age of seven must be seated on an appropriate child restraint to avoid any mishap. Also, taking drug, drinking or talking on your mobile phone is strictly prohibited according to the Australian law and failing which might lead to severe penalties.

If you wish to overtake a running vehicle, you should look out for broken lines marked on the road. Overtaking before the broken mark is considered a breach of the law and will be punishable. In case you need to overtake a loaded truck or road train, allow them plenty of room beforehand, so your car can safely tackle the frequent swaying of the vehicles.

Driving Emergency

In case of a sudden breakdown of your car, you can always avail the company instructions for their roadside assistance. In case of any other help, emergency services in Australia are available at 000 which connects you to police, ambulance and fire brigade. Don’t let your vacation become a fatal disaster for anyone. Abide by the road and safety information rules, and make your tour pleasant and memorable.

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