Best Self-Guided Walking Tours of Melbourne

Walking Tours of Melbourne. A memorable, urban walking tour penetrates the very soul of a city. And surveys some vital components of its cultural fabric. Bustling ethnic enclaves, heritage districts. Streets packed with unique shops, green spaces, extraordinary architecture and colourful markets: these are the hallmarks of a great city. And indeed, form the backbone of many a great walking tour. Walking Tours of

Melbourne rolls out a cornucopia of quality points of interest for intrepid visitors to explore on foot. The multi-cultural capital of Victoria offers a slew of magnificent self-guided walking tours. That drill down to the very essence of the city’s spirited and inimitable heart. Organized by the City of Melbourne, these personal pedestrian excursions come with free. PDF maps and, in several cases, downloadable podcasts. So visitors can set the pace on Walking Tours of Melbourne and bone up on city lore at the same time.

On the Waterfront

walking tour penetrates the very soul of a city. And vital components of its cultural fabric.

The two hour “On the Waterfront” tour spans about 5 km. And explores the north and south banks of the Yarra River. Amblers begin (and end) in Fed Square. Where they can people-watch and admire some of the most avant-garde architecture in Melbourne. From there, the tour runs past hotels near Flinders Street Station. Heads south on Princess Bridge and veers down Southbank Promenade. Other areas of note on the waterfront tour. Include Flinders Walk, the Immigration Museum (old Customs House), Enterprize Park and Dukes and Orrs docks.

Elegant Enclave

The “Elegant Enclave” tour lives up to its eponymous promise, ferrying walkers through Melbourne’s most significant Victorian landmarks. The ninety-minute tour kicks off with a short tram ride from Fed Square to Treasury Gardens. From there, visitors disembark and meander through magnificent Fitzroy Gardens. Where points of interest like the Conservatory and Cooks’ Cottage await. Outside of Fitzroy Gardens, the tour heads to East Melbourne, past some of the city’s grandest and stateliest homes.

Arcades and Lanes

Whereas the “Elegant Enclave” tour is all about demure, heritage Melbourne. “Arcades and Lanes” is very much about the here and now. The tour focuses primarily on the contemporary revival of the city’s historic laneways. From the street art of Centre Place to bubbly Hardware Lane. Zip through elaborate arcades and past fashionable shops, hole-in-the-wall cafés, lively bars and diminutive restaurant gems. While “Arcades and Lanes” technically runs about ninety minutes long. There’s enough eye candy on hand to significantly extend the tour.

Secret Gardens

Easily the most alluringly-titled self-guided walk in the City of Melbourne. The beautiful Domain Parklands. The two and a half hour expedition begins on St Kilda Road, opposite the spectacular Arts Centre complex. From there, the tour winds through the gorgeous confines. Of Queen Victoria Gardens, Alexandra Gardens, Kings Domain and the Royal Botanic Gardens. While not exactly “secrets” per se, the tour deftly highlights the wonderful, inherent details in the Domain Parklands of Melbourne.

The Cosmopolitan

Parks and gardens are all very fine. However, Melbourne’s status as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Doesn’t solely rest on an abundance of green space. Alas, “The Cosmopolitan” self-guided tour covers some of the trendiest shopping districts and most photogenic vistas in Melbourne. The walk rambles down Swanston and Collins streets, through Chinatown and past terrific points of interest. Like St Paul’s Cathedral, the Athenaeum, Parliament House, Bourke Street Mall. And some of the swankiest restaurants and hotels in Melbourne.

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