Search Melbourne coffee culture and you will understand why coffee is synonymous with this marvellous city.

Our history is a rich one, with the aroma of coffee wafting up Bourke street, as early as 1850. In 1938, Melbournians flocked to Quists, in Little Collins Street where coffee was first roasted now with micro roasting growing in demand, the CBD has welcomed It’s newest edition: 65 Degrees at 309 Exhibition Street. Here you can find Con Harmbololus the world latte art champion 2008 roasting various origins and blends.

The echelon of coffee indulgence lays within the nuclear of our shopping precinct. Coffee Lab, located in David Jones, showcases a myriad of origins well suited to the diverse brewing process. Coffee aficionados savor the delights of siphoned origins, such as; Esmeralda.

Within the extrinsic maze of lanes and arcades you can discover a melting pot of cultural bohemia. Quirky holes in the wall with colorful espresso machines, grinding to order coffee with hearts to go and gregarious characters ready to serve.

Service at any of the many Caffenatics, reveals a true passion at its best. The well-trained baristas are at competitive level.  And have represented Australia on the world stage taking the art of extraction to a higher level. Where traditionally the CBD hosted the majority of “caffeine –attics” the outer suburbs of North Melbourne, Carlton, Fitzroy, Abbotsford and Collingwood, are a – buzz with weekend coffee trade.

Proud Mary and 3 Bags Full are the newest kids on the block, roasting coffee onsite and serving a sumptuous breakfast.

Melbourne is a melting pot of diversity, where dining can occur in the 1954 ambience of Pellegrini or a modern day Bar Lourinha.

city proud of it’s heritage, a culture built on food and coffee and it’s people growing in numbers as coffee connoisseurs. enjoying piccolos, macchiatos and ristrettos.

To conclude, this is café culture at it’s best.

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