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  • Sorrento Victoria is approximately a 1 hour and 35-minute drive (110 kilometres) south of Melbourne.
  • Sorrento is lucky to boast having some of the oldest and highest limestone buildings in Australia.
  • Ocean Beach Road village with it boutiques and very popular café’s
  • Lies near the western tip of the Mornington Peninsula.
  • main street of Sorrento runs from the Sorrento ‘front’ beach beside the calm waters of Port Phillip in the north to the Sorrento Ocean Beach fronting the rough ocean of Bass Strait in the south.

A Coastal Dining Experience

  • Enjoy a coastal dining experience and enjoy experiences they offer including the Baths on Sorrento Front Beach and All Smiles at Sorrento Back Beach.
  • Visit excellent wineries with minutes of Sorrento including Portsea Estate and Blue Range Estate, Rosebud
  • Enjoy a beer – Hotel Sorrento was established in 1872, Hotel Sorrento is an iconic establishment that has been welcoming locals and visitors for centuries. As a family owned-and-operated business for nearly forty years, Hotel Sorrento prides itself on serving honest, seasonal dining fare and an extensive range of local and international wines, beer and ciders to match.
  • Satisfy your appetite at an excellent selection of restaurants, cafes and bakeries – As a local icon and a legacy of luxury since 1875, Intercontinental Sorrento Mornington Peninsula diverse range of dining options reflects the coastal charm and European influence of our destination.
  • Visit Sorrento Brew House for a local craft beer.
  • Sorrento Ocean beach has a popular rock pool but also offers excellent surfing for the experienced – care must be taken when swimming as deep rips operate along this coastline
  • Sorrento front beach offers a white sand beach and shallow waters making it ideal for swimming and other water activitie
  • At Sorrento Pier and the departure point for the popular car and passenger ferry to Queenscliff, as well as fishing trips, seal and dolphin watching excursions, sight-seeing cruises, yacht charters and diving trips
  • Shopping that is stylish and sophisticated, with more than 60 retail outlets including boutiques, interior design stores, galleries and antique outlets
  • The Sorrento-Portsea Artists Trail offering an insight into renowned Australian artists’ works by showing views as they were painted in situ.
  • Kids things to do are Mubbles a designer ice cream and Sorrento Park Playground
  • historic Watts Cottage – This limestone wattle and daub cottage built from 1869 to 1870, now classified by the National Trust
  • Collins Settlement – In 1803 the first detailed survey of Port Phillip was carried out by Charles Grimes and in October of that year the first European settlement of the Port Phillip District under Lieutenant Governor David Collins was attempted at Sullivan Bay, Sorrento.
  • historic village that has retained much of its heritage in the form of the historic limestone buildings that line the main street

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