The world acclaimed blue mystic beauty, UNESCO approved world heritage site, Blue Mountains National Park resides 81 km west of Sydney. Quite popular day trip for all the tourists across the continent.

Hiking in the Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains National Park was named for its blue hedged beauty. This enigmatic mountain encompasses more than 664,000 acres of bush land, enchanting canyons, waterfalls, primeval rock paintings and more than 140 kilometers of hiking trails. Notorious for its picturesque backdrops, this stunning locale comprises a number of exotic tourist spots that one can’t just miss. To cherish the essence of an adventurous life, explore everything that the mountaineering range has to offer.  Including the mythical mountains called Three Sisters, renowned for its unusual structure and the mythological tale conjoined with it.

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Three Sisters, standing tall at the echo point Katoomba.  Around 2.5 kilometres from the Great Western Highway.  The emblem of natural artistry fused with ancient legends, imparting a world of the unknown, unheard, engrossing the visitors into the lore of its own. According to the mythological legend, three sisters named Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo were turned to stones.  And since then, they stand floodlit to bring vivid colours into the backdrop, illuminating the valley with their very own colour palette. Besides Three Sisters, one can enjoy Wentworth Falls the underground experience in Jenolan Caves. Also casual strolls around the bushland or longer hikes to Six Foot of Katoomba.

To conclude, the Blue Mountains National Park with its array of quaint scenic territories, tall and hazed eucalypt forests. However, there are also vibrant retreats and luscious culinary destinations will enrich one.  With an unparalleled experience and the soaking, pristine beauty will be a treasure to relish forever.

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