Murray Art Museum Albury

Tourist Attraction, Murray Art Museum Albury, The Murray, Victoria/New South Wales

The Murray Art Museum Albury showcases more than 2,400 contemporary art items.

There are ten gallery spaces within the museum

On The Murray, the riverside town of Albury is a 3.5-hour drive (326 km) from Melbourne. is a 6.75-hour drive (554 km) from Sydney

Being contemporary. the Museum love art. That is new, that challenges, that responds to our community and culture.

The museum is small enough to take risks, and large enough to bring you some of the best art from across Australia and internationally

Represented art forms include photography as well as paintings, ceramics, Indigenous artefacts, sculptural pieces and so much more.

A great day out. Eat at the museum, shop at the museum, we are accessible. Open 7 days per week, 363 days per year. We are free

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